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本文摘要:sectionA 一、选择填空。



sectionA 一、选择填空。( ) 1. Let’s_______banana and apple milk shake. A. make B. makes C. do D. doing( ) 2. I need two______.A. teaspoon of honey B. teaspoons of honeys C. teaspoons of honey D. teaspoon of honeys( ) 3. _______ people are there in your town? — One hundred thousand. A. How many B. How much C. How old D. How often( ) 4. First put some salt into the water and then_____.A. Mix them up B. Mix up them C. Mix it up D. Mix up it( ) 5. Here is a recipe_______Super chicken Sandwich. A. at B. in C. for D. on( ) 6.______cups of tea do you want? A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How old( ) 7. I have three_____of the______. A. photos, tomatos B. photos, tomatoes C. photoes, tomatos D. photoes, tomatoes( ) 8. There______a lot of milk in this big bag.. A. is B. are C. be D. were( ) 9. There are vegetables in the fridge. Go and buy some. A. few B. a few C. a little D. little( ) 10. What _______ Jim do with chocolate yesterday?A. does B. do C. did D. is( ) 11. Please ________the TV. I want to watch football match on TV.A. turn on B. turn off C. open D. close( ) 12.There ______two slices of turkey on the table and there______ some relish on the slices.A. are; are B. are; is C. is; is D. is; are( ) 13. —How ______yogurt would you like to make a salad? -–- Only one teaspoon. A. many B. few C. much D. often( ) 14.You have to _____the bananas if you would like to eat.A. pour B. peel C. cut D. cook( ) 15.He _______some milk _______ the blender?added; to B. put; into C. pour; in D. pour, into(  )16.—Would you like some water, Mike?—Yes, please. I also need some ________ in it.A.water B.honey C.apple D.pear(  )17.First, ________ the vegetables and then put them on the table.A.wash B.to wash C.washing D.washed(  )18.—I love these hair clips. ________ are they?—They are ten yuan.A.How many B.How much C.How old D.How heavy(  )19.Please help me ________ the meat. I want to use it to make some dumplings.A.put up B.look up C.give up D.cut up(  )20.—I feel kind of bored.—Why not ________ the TV and watch a movie?A.turn on B.turn off C.turn up D.turn down一、用所给单词的适当形式填空。1. I'm very thirsty, Mum. Is there any (yogurt) in the fridge?2. There are many (machine) in the factory.3. He had words with me, but he (final) agreed with me.4. (pour) the milk into the blender.5. Put four (piece) of chicken on the bread.6. Jack ate three ________ (tomato) for breakfast this morning.7. Look! Jane ________ (cut) the birthday cake now.8. Linda, drinking a lot of ________(yogurt) is bad for your health.9. We bought two ________ (box) of apples for the children.10. —How many apples do we need?11. —Let me ________ (think). Maybe fifteen is enough.12. I need six________(spoon) of honey to make the cake.13. Amy, it's too boring! ________ (play) some music for us, please.14. Don't forget ________(close) the windows when you leave the classroom.15. With their help, we found the small village ________(final).16. We don't need ________ (help) him. He can do it well himself.三、句型转换。


1.We need two eggs to make this bread.(对划线部门提问) eggs do we need? 2.These jeans are 40 dollars. (同上) are these jeans?(同上)3.He eats lots of meat for his lunch. meat does he eat for his lunch?4.There is some coffee in my glass.(变为否认句)There coffee in my glass.5.The baby is sleeping, please the music.Ⅱ.用方框中所给短语的适当形式填空turn off, how many, turn on, how much, cut up8.Look! David is ________________ an apple. We can share it.9.Please ________________ the radio. There is a weather report now.10.Hello everyone, the plane will take off(起飞) soon. Please ________________ your phones.11.—________________ oranges do you need?—I need two oranges.12.—________________ water do we need to make the soup?四、语法填空I am a middle school student and I'm fifteen years old, I'm quite ___1__ (health). However, one year ago I was fat. I loved chips and chocolate, and I got tired ___2__ (easy). One morning, I saw some young men __3___ (run) in the park. They __4___ really fit and active. So I __5___ running from then on.Now I have a 1. 5-mile run every morning, I ___6__ milk and eat fruit and vegetables instead of chips and chocolate. These good eating ___7__ and running help to build me up. I have fun running, and I feel well and look fit. Running ___8__ (become) my favorite sport. I'm sure I will do __9___ (good) in the boys'800-meter race in our school sports meet.If you want to be fit and active, come and __10___ us! sectionB一. 单项选择。1. —Let's make fruit salad.  —________. A.No,I'm not  B.Thank you C.That's all right D.That's a good idea2. —Where are you going during the summer vacation? —I'm going to London. It's in________. I hear it's beautiful there. A.America   B.Australia   C.Japan   D.England3. He filled the box_______ books. A.with B.for C.of D.in4.I’m hungry, please give me . A. a bread B. some breads C. a piece of bread D. two pieces of breads5. —________are all those gifts,Tommy? —$20. A.How many B.How much C.How long D.How often6. Please cut the potato small pieces. A. up; to B. off; to C. up; into D. off; into7. If you want to listen to the radio, we must first. A. turn it on B. turn on it C. turn it off D. turn off it8—_____________? —First, put the butter on the bread.A. Can you help me B. What do you needC. Do you have any butter D. How do you make a sandwich9. Please________hot water into the blender. A. cut B.mix C.pour D.carry13. —It's time________the mountain. Are you ready? —Sorry,I forgot to bring water. A. climb B.to climb C.climbing D.climbed14. —_____ yogurt do you need?—Two cups, please.A. How many B. Which C. How much D. When15. There are ________ on the table. A. a glass of water B. a glass of milk C. two glasses of milk D. a glass of orange 16. It’s hot today. Please ______ the watermelon ______ pieces, and let’s eat them.A. cut; up B. cut; into C. cut; off D. cut; down17. I don’t like the color of the T-shirt. Would you show me _______ one? A. other B. the other C. another D. others18. Give me ______ water, please. I’m thirsty.A. little B. few C. a little D. a few19. Dad, may I ______ the TV? I want to watch the soccer match.A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn up20. —Will your mum make you a banana milk shake?—_______, but she is too busy to make it.A. Of course B. I hope so C. I’m afraid so D. I’m afraid not21. —Let’s make fruit salad. —_______.A. No, I’m not B. Thank you C. That’s all right D. That’s a good idea22. His eyes were ______ tears as he looked happily at her.A. covered with B. agreed with C. filled with D. took up23. Don’t forget ______ Lin Tao about the match when you meet him.A. tell B. tells C. telling D. to tell24. Mr. Green often teaches us to ______ delicious food. He’s really good at cooking.A. check B. do C. turn D. make25. Here _______ four bowls_______ water.A. is; of B. are; of C. is; for D. are; for26. ______ mix these things together.A. Don’t B. No C. You aren’t D. Not27. We need to ______ the bananas before we eat them.A. mix B. pour C. cup D. peel - ________ (peel) three apples and give them to your cousins.10. They talked about it for hours. ________(final), they decided to go to the movies tonight.11. –Is there ________ blender on the table, Jane? - Yes, there is. ________ blender is old.12. –David, would you like to help me pour the soup ________the bowl?13. Can I turn ________ the TV, Dad? I want to watch the soccer game.14. –Don’t forget ________(buy) some beef when you go to the supermarket. - OK, I won’t.15. ________(几多) bananas and ________(几多) yogurt do you need for your banana milk shake?16. –Mom, can I play computer games this evening? - ________(finish) your homework first, and then we’ll talk about it.17. – Let’s make a banana milk shake. What do we need? - We need some ________(banana) and two ________(cup) of milk.18. - Peter, ________ listen to music in class. - Sorry, Mr. Clark. I won’t do it again.19 - ________(几多) milk did your mother buy yesterday afternoon? - Sorry, I don’t know.20. You can’t pour the water into the pot.(改为祈使句) ________ ________ water into the pot.21. We need three bananas. (对画线部门提问) ________ ________ bananas do you need?22. There is a little honey in the fridge. (对画线部门提问) ________ ________ honey is there in the fridge?23. There is a tomato in the box.(用three 取代a 改写句子) There ________ three ________ in the box.24. 不要在这里挖洞。________ ________ a hole here.25. 你需要几多盐?________ ________ ________ do you need?26. - Why not put the _________(玉米) in the fridge? - That’s a good idea.27. Blender is a kind of _________(机械) , which can make juice or milk shakes.28.Don’t add too much _________(糖) to the coffee.29. Lisa was hungry, and she wanted some bread and _________(奶酪).30. Mom, could you buy me a new sweater? There are two small _____(洞) on the old one.31. - Good morning. Can I help you? - Sure. I’d like two _________(box) of cheese32. Grandpa told Mike to add some milk _________ his coffee, but Mike forget.33. Ms. Wang, I am afraid I can’t finish the work in two days. Could you give me _________ two days(另两天).34. Frank decided to _________(挖) some holes in the garden and plant fruit trees there.35. Would you like to put some _________(黄油) on the bread?36. I like tomatoes, but my sister likes _________(生菜)》37. Here is way _________(make) turkey for a dinner.38. We need two _________(spoon) of butter.39. Please give me three _________(piece) of paper.40. They would like two _________(sandwich) and a cup of coffee for lunch.41. _________ up (切碎)some tomatoes and put them in the sandwich.42. A waiter is a person whose job is to _________(服务) people in a restaurant.43. The highest _________(温度) is30 ℃ today.44. Mike is very interested in _________(tradition) Chinese food.45. Remember to _________(遮盖) the flowers before it rains.46. Do not _________(混淆) the new cards and the old ones.47. Please give me two large _________(plate) of dumplings.48. In _________(秋天), leaves turn yellow and fall off the trees.49. These apple _________(pie) taste delicious. Would you like another one?50. Her sister likes eating _________(捣碎的) potatoes.51. My family usually have a big dinner _________ special days.52. I would like to add some _________(胡椒粉) to my sandwich.53. Look! How wonderful this paper cutting is! - So it is. Paper cutting is a _________(tradition) Chinese art with a long history.54. – I heard it was your grandma’s 90th birthday last Saturday. - Yes, we _________(庆祝) it in a big Chinese restaurant.55. Can you cut the meat _________ pieces?56. 我们应当对怙恃所提供的一切表现谢谢。We should _________ _________ _________ everything that our parents give us.57. 请帮我把鸡肉和洋葱混在一起。

Please help me _________ _________ the chicken and the onion.58. Mike 把箱子装满书后,把它放到了书桌下面。After _________the box _________ books, Mike put it under the desk.四、语法填空Anna wants __1___ (make) Russian soup for a party on Saturday. Do you know __2___ to make it? __3___, buy some beef and __4___ (vegetable). How __5___ carrots does she need? Four. She also needs three potatoes, five tomatoes, one cabbage and one onion. Then, __6___ (cut) up the vegetables. Next, put the beef, carrots and potatoes into a pot and add some water. How ___7__ water does she need? Four cups. After that, cook them for 30 minutes. Then, add the cabbage, tomatoes and onion and cook for __8__ (other) 10 minutes. Do you think that's it? No, one more thing. ___9__ (final), don't forget to add one spoon of salt.Now, it's time __10___ (enjoy) the delicious Russian soup.。